Docker Registry

This session we will push the image to docker registry

Lab1 : Push an image to docker registry

Login to and  select the free account [verify account, if you have just signed up]


From command line do the docker login

docker login

docker image tag myimage amitow/myimage

amitow:  Name of the docker registry name space

myimage: ImageName

Note: If no tag provided, this would be latest tag.

docker image push amitow/myimage

Lab2: Create a Private Registry and Push Docker Image

To create a private Docker registry and push an image, follow these steps:

  1. Install Docker Registry on a server or a cloud-based platform of your choice. You can use a Docker image to do this. For example:
docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry registry:2

This will start a Docker Registry container listening on port 5000.

  1. Build your Docker image, and tag it with the address of your private registry:
docker tag myimage localhost:5000/my-image
  1. Push the image to your private registry:
docker push localhost:5000/my-image

4. Verify that the image is in the registry by running:

curl http://localhost:5000/v2/_catalog

This should return a JSON object containing the name of your image.

5. Pull the image from your private registry:

docker pull localhost:5000/my-image

You can now use this image on any Docker host that has access to your private registry.