Terraform Study Material

This section contains theĀ  5 days modules study material for terraform

Chapter1: Infrastructure as Code

Chapter2:Terraform Providers

Chapter3:terraform tfstate

Chapter4:Terraform full work flow block diagram

Chapter5:setup vscode

Chapter6:Terraform cmds

Chapter7:Terraform state files

Chapter8: terraform tfstate

Chapter9:Challenges with the current state

Chapter10:Circle dependency

Chapter11:current state vs desired state

Chapter12:limited visibility of computed values in Terraform

Chapter13:State drift example

Chapter14:Terraform Plugin Architecture

Chapter15:Terraform variables

Chapter16: terraform provider versioning

Chapter17: Data Sources

Chapter18: Local Values

Chapter19: Terraform Function

Chapter20: Output blocks for an EC2 instance resource in Terraform

Chapter21: The count Meta-Argument

Chapter22: Modules

Chapter23: SET data type

Chapter24: Terraform Security