VMware vSphere TOC

4 days Module

Virtualization Basics Overview of Virtualization
Evolution of Virtualization and Vmware history
Hypervisor basics
Types of Virtualization
Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization
Hyperthreading and Memory virtualization overview
Vmware products overview
Installation and configuration of Vmware ESXi What is ESXi ?
Interactive installation of ESXi
Licensing an ESXi host
Configure NTP, DNS and routing in an ESXi host
Overview of Virtual Machine and Virtual Datacenter
Tools used to connect ESXi and vpshere console connectivity
Vpshere tool Use of vpshere tools
Install vpshere tool and explore the features
Vcenter server Difference of Vcenter server editions
Deploy Vcenter server
Size the vcenter server database
Connect to the vcenter using vpshere and web console
vSphere Networking Identify vnetwork standard switch capabilities
Create/Delete standard switch
Standard switch Vs Distributed switch
Configure vmNiCs
Configure vmkernel ports and port groups
Configure VLAN settings
Configure traffic shaping policies
Loadbalancing and failover policies
Vsphere Storage Datastore in Vmware
Virtual storage file system VMFS3, VMFS5 etc..
Virtual disk formats and uses .vmdk, vmsn etc…
Virtual disk thin and thick provisioning
Storage adapters and devices
Scan and Rescan storage
Zoning and LUN masking practices
Use case for FCoE and iSCSI
Configure iSCSI initiator
Zoning and LUN masking practices
Virtual Machine Management Virtual Machine Hardware version
Creation of Virtual machine
Different ways of deploying virtual machines
Configure guest OS into a virtual machines
Configure vmware tools
Configuring virtual disk types
Explore Virtual disk formats and uses .vmdk, vmsn etc…
Modify the CPU, memory settings for a virtual machine
Templates and clones
Deploy virtual machines from a template
Snapshots and snapshot management
Consolidation of snapshots
Vsphere High Availability Vsphere High Availability features
Vsphere HA Failure scenarios
Vsphere HA architecture and cluster creation
Vsphere DRS features
Migration: Vmotion and types of vmotion
Vsphere Fault tolerance
Vpshere Replication and its related concepts
Access control and Resource monitoring ESXi host access and authentication
Users and Groups
Roles and permissions in Vcenter server
Shares, limits and reservations
Resource pools
Monitoring resource usage