vCloud Suite Environment Components and Services

Starting with vSphere 6.0, the various services running on your vCloud Suite environment are bundled into two groupings:
1.VMware Platform Services Controller
2.vCenter Server
we can deploy vCenter Server with an embedded or external Platform Services Controller.
The Platform Services Controller is always installed or deployed before vCenter Server because it containscommon infrastructure services that are essential for a centralized management of your vCloud Suite environment.The infrastructure data stored with the vCenter Single Sign-On service that resides on one of the Platform Services Controller instances is replicated across the other Platform Services Controller instances.

vCenter Server is a central administration point for ESXi hosts that are connected in a network. vCenter Server provides the vCenter Server service together with a number of product-specific vCloud Suite services.
Embedded Deployment Configuration
For small environments, such as development and test, you can install vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller on a single virtual machine or physical server. Such a deployment configuration is called embedded. The services provided in an embedded configuration have distinct endpoints within the same domain, and a client must execute the same procedures to look up, authenticate, and establish sessions with the vCloud Suite endpoint.

Single VM/Physical server: PSC (platform service controller) + vCenter Server

Centralized Deployment Configuration
For larger virtual environments, vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller deployment is most suitable.The centralized deployment configuration to separate the Platform Services Controller and vCenter Server and have them installed on different virtual machines or physical servers. The centralized configuration includes one or several Platform Services Controller instances that provide common services to support a number of vCenter Server instances. During the deployment, you replicate the infrastructure data across all vCenter Single Sign-On services residing on the different Platform Services Controller instances. As a result, the data across the vCloud Suite infrastructure is synchronized so that the content is the same across all Platform Services Controller instances.

Single PSC vm—>VC1 +VC2 (managing 2 VC)