Puppet introduction

In this blog we will discuss about puppet.Before we start about puppet, we need to understand the challenges in current Infrastructure environment.

– Provisioning new server
– Configuration management for different servers
– Script management for different OS
– Managing a heterogeneous environment.

In all above cases we can write scripts but still very difficult to manage huge virtual environment.

Puppet is a infrastructure automation and configuration management tool.
Puppet was created by Luke Kanies in 2003 written in Ruby.
Puppet provides below features:

-Automation and configuration management.
-Enforce the define state of infrastructure.
-Enable infrastructure as code and Devops
-Provides configuration consistency across nodes
-Puppet enables quick provision of new machines.

Puppet allow Devops admin to write Declarative instructions using the puppet language
Devops admins write code using the puppet DSL to express the desired state of node.
code is written inside of classes and classes are assigned to nodes. Puppet has one master server.