Deploy minishift on virtual box [windows 10]

I have windows 10 on my personal laptop. Below is the configuration:

virtual box : Version 5.1.22


C:\Users\amitm\Downloads\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64>minishift.exe start --vm-driver=virtualbox
-- Starting local OpenShift cluster using 'virtualbox' hypervisor ...
-- Minishift VM will be configured with ...
 Memory: 2 GB
 vCPUs : 2
 Disk size: 20 GB

Downloading ISO ‘’
40.00 MiB / 40.00 MiB [===================================================================================] 100.00% 0s
— Starting Minishift VM ……………………………….. OK
— Checking for IP address … OK
— Checking if external host is reachable from the Minishift VM …
Pinging … OK
— Checking HTTP connectivity from the VM …
Retrieving … OK
— Checking if persistent storage volume is mounted … OK
— Checking available disk space … 0% used OK
— Downloading OpenShift binary ‘oc’ version ‘v3.6.0’
33.92 MiB / 33.92 MiB [===================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 0s– Downloading OpenShift v3.6.0 checksums … OK
— OpenShift cluster will be configured with …
Version: v3.6.0
— Checking `oc` support for startup flags …
host-data-dir … OK
host-pv-dir … OK
host-volumes-dir … OK
routing-suffix … OK
host-config-dir … OK
Starting OpenShift using openshift/origin:v3.6.0 …
Pulling image openshift/origin:v3.6.0
Pulled 1/4 layers, 26% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 27% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 27% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 28% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 29% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 29% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 49% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 51% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 54% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 57% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 59% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 61% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 63% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 66% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 69% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 73% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 75% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 75% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 76% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 78% complete
Pulled 1/4 layers, 79% complete
Pulled 2/4 layers, 82% complete
Pulled 2/4 layers, 84% complete
Pulled 2/4 layers, 85% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 88% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 89% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 91% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 92% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 93% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 94% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 96% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 97% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 98% complete
Pulled 3/4 layers, 98% complete
Pulled 4/4 layers, 100% complete
Image pull complete
OpenShift server started.

The server is accessible via web console at:

You are logged in as:
User: developer
Password: <any value>

To login as administrator:
oc login -u system:admin

Setting up oc command lines :

C:\Users\amitm\Downloads\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64>minishift.exe oc-env
SET PATH=C:\Users\amitm\.minishift\cache\oc\v3.6.0;%PATH%
REM Run this command to configure your shell:
REM @FOR /f “tokens=*” %i IN (‘minishift oc-env’) DO @call %i

OpenShift Client

This client helps you develop, build, deploy, and run your applications on any OpenShift or Kubernetes compatible
platform. It also includes the administrative commands for managing a cluster under the 'adm' subcommand.

To create a new application, login to your server and then run new-app:

oc login
 oc new-app centos/ruby-22-centos7~
 oc logs -f bc/ruby-ex

This will create an application based on the Docker image 'centos/ruby-22-centos7' that builds the source code fromGitHub. A build will start automatically, push the resulting image to the registry, and a deployment will roll that
change out in your project.

Once your application is deployed, use the status, describe, and get commands to see more about the created components:

oc status
 oc describe deploymentconfig ruby-ex
 oc get pods

To make this application visible outside of the cluster, use the expose command on the service we just created to create
a 'route' (which will connect your application over the HTTP port to a public domain name).

oc expose svc/ruby-ex
 oc status

You should now see the URL the application can be reached at.

To see the full list of commands supported, run 'oc --help'.

C:\Users\amitm\Downloads\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64\minishift-1.7.0-windows-amd64>oc get pods
No resources found.

minishift.exe ssh /* will allow to login to minishift vm